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Some Jewish Film Links:

Jewish Communication Network's website, which includes a film chat area
The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival website, 1998
The Boston Jewish Film Fest, November 1998
The Washington DC Jewish Film Festival website, 1998
The New York City Jewish Film/Video Festival website
The National Jewish Archive of Broadcasting at The Jewish Museum, NYC, 1109 5th Avenue. Tel 212.423.3200
The Steven Spielberg Jewish Films Archive at Hebrew Univ
Independent ISRAELI Cinema Website
National Foundation for Jewish Culture (funds films, hint hint)
Jewish Culture Site on The Mining Company
Israeli Culture Site on The Mining Company
The Denver Jewish Film Festival website, Aug 1997
The MAINE Jewish Film Festival website, Feb 98
The Toronto Jewish Film Festival website
The Jerusalem Film Festival
The Israel Film Festival LA/NYC, Dec 98/March 99
The Sydney Jewish Film Festival
The National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis University, Excellent rental source
The US Holocaust Memorial Museum's Film Archive in Washington DC
The Israel Film Archive in Jerusalem
The Sundance Film Festival, 1997
The Vancouver Jewish Film Fest
The London Jewish Film Fest - June
The South Bay Jewish Film Series
The Jewish Video Competition
The Molly Picon Website (Jewish Women's Archive
The FILM FORUM in NYC - great venue for Jewish films
Hebrew films list
The Haifa International Film Festival (Israel) (142 Hanassi Ave, Haifa, Israel)
The Montpelier Jewish and Israeli Films Festival - Montpelier France (500 Boulevard d'Antigone)
Tel Aviv University School of Film and Television
Jerusalem School of Film
Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv
Ma'aleh School of Film, Jerusalem (Hammer School of Film)
The Miami Jewish Film Festival
The Los Angeles Jewish Film Fest
The Kansas City Jewish Film Fest
National Center for Jewish Film...

Some other Film Fests at which we find films:

Oldenburg Germany Intl Film Fest - September
Figueira de Foz (Portugal) Intl Film Fest - September
Toronto Intl Film Festival - September
Boston Film Festival - September
Fantastisk Film Fest (Sweden) - September
Intl Broadcasting Convention - UK - September
Independent Feature Film Market (NYC) - September
Temecula Valley (Calif) Film Fest - September
Breckenridge (Colorado) Film Fest (USA) - September
Intl Student Animation Fest of Ottawa - September
Aspen (Colorado) Film Fest - September
LUCAS - Intl Childrens and Young Peoples Film Festival - Frankfurt - September
Riminicinema Intl Film Fest (Italy) - September
Netherlands Film Fest - September
Filmfest Hamburg - September
Black Filmworks, Oakland, California
MIPCOM in Cannes - September
New York Film Festival - September / October
Ottawa Intl Animation Fest (2nd largest) - October
Warsaw Film Festival - October
Chicago Intl Childrens Film Fest - October
Chicago Intl Film Festival - October
Chicago Intl Childrens Film Fest - October
Chicago Intl Childrens Film Fest - October
Sao Paulo Intl Film Festival - October
Hamptons Intl Film Festival (New York) - October
Hollywood Film Festival - October
Viennale - Vienna Intl Film Fest - October
AFI Los Angeles Intl Film Fest - October
Ft Lauderdale (Florida) Intl Film Fest - October
Tokyo Intl Film Fest - November
Margaret Mead Film & Video Fest (NYC) - November
Mar der Plata IFF (Buenos Aires)- November
Amsterdam Documentary Fest - November
Sundance - January
Berlin Intl Film Fest - February
Portland Intl Film Fest - February
The American Film Market - LA - February
New Directors - New Films (NYC) - March
USA Film Fest (Dallas Texas) - April
Cannes - May
Seattle Intl Film Festival - May
Human Rights Watch Intl Film Fest - June
Sydney Film Fest - June
Outfest - Los Angeles - July
Karlovy-Vary Intl Film Fest (Czech) - July
Locarno (switzerland) Intl Film Fest - August
Telluride - September

Some films I will be adding, when I get a chance:

Deference, (1999), Timothy Hutton as a Jewish President and Sheryl Lee Ralph as Sec of Defense 

Bloom (2002), coming of age story. 

Annie Hall 

The Angel Levine 

Barton Fink, 1991 

Batman Returns (1992) Michael Keaton and Danny Devito. A story of identity. Is the penguin a symbol for The Jew, sent down a river like Moses, shunned from society, filled with a nefarious hidden agenda? 

Body and Soul 

Chinese Jews on 


The Frisco Kid 

Funny Girl (68) 

Gestapos Last Orgy, 1976 (Italy) 


Going in Style, 1979 

Hello Dolly 

I Love You Rosa 

Judgement @ Nuremberg 1961

Judith (1965) 

Julia 1977 

Love and Death 1975 

Marathon Man 1976 

Norma Rae 1979

Play it Again Sam 1972

Reds, 1981

Sleeper 1973

Sweet Lorraine 1987

The Front (1976), Directed by Martin Ritt, 95 min, written by blacklisted writer Walter Bernstein, stars Woody Allen and Zero Mostel. from National Ctr for Jewish Film. 

The Jazz Singer (1981 remake)

The Man in the Glass Booth 1975 

The Pawnbroker  1965

The Producers  1968

The Sunshine Boys  1975

This is Not Erotica (1994) 

The Odessa File  1974

Pogrzeb Kartofla  1991 

Posegnanie z Maria  1993 

Quiz Show 

Salto 1965 

Tobruk  1967 

Le vie homme et l enfant 

Yahudi  1958 

Zezowate Szczescie 

Zelone La Ta  1980 

Ziemia Obiecana  1974  

Biloxi Blues 



Akcija Stadion  1977 

Me and the Colonel  1958 

La Grande Illusion 

The Hiding Place 

Jeszczetylko ten las 

Les Lunettes d or 

Niedzielne Igraszki 

Akcija Stadion, 1977 

Uncle Moses (1932) Sidney Goldin and Aubrey Scotto 

Hungry Hearts (1922) Samuel Goldwyn, 1992, 80 minutes E Mason Hopper, Silent with English intertitles starring Rosie Rosanova 

Romance of a Jewess (1908) 10 minutes, directed by D W Griffith, based on the stories of Anzia Yezierska, it is a bittersweet saga of immigrant life filmed on the LES 

Lucky Boy. (1929) 100 minutes. Directed by Norman Taurog and Charles C. Wilson. With George Jessel and Rosie Rosanova. Tiffany Stahl Studios. Jessel plays an ambitious Bronx boy who becomes a famous actor. Restored by the UCLA Film and TV Archive. 

The Heart of New York. (1932) 65 minutes. Directed by Mervyn Le Roy for Warner Bros. Vaudeville star George Sidney plays a plumber who becomes a millionaire after inventing a washing machine 

His Wife's Lover. (1931) 80 minutes. Dir: Sidney M. Goldin. Ludwig Satz plays a manic Second Avenue comedian. This is the "first 100 percent Yiddish singing and talking picture" High Art Pictures. 

Taxi!. 1932. Warner Bros. Dir: Roy Del Ruth. In an excerpt of this film James Cagney plays a Yiddish speaking NY cabbie. 

The Front. Columbia Pictures. 1976. 94 minutes. Dir: Martin Ritt. Starring Woody Allen and Zero Mostel. Walter Bernstein was a blacklisted writer. This sis a tragi-comedy about a schlemiel who fronts for banned writers in the 1950's. 

Body and Soul. 1947. 104 minutes. Dir: Robert Rossen. Stars John Garfield. A boxing drama. Garfield acknowledges his Jewish identity. 

New York Ghetto Fish Market 1903. 1993-97. Directed by Ken Jacobs. 90 minutes. Experimental film pioneer Ken Jacobs will use his remarkable invention, to Nervous System, to transform a 1903 Edison short into a live, two projector performance that offers a haunting look at the birth of cinema and a vivid slice of immigrant life. Performed at the American Museum of the Moving Image, Queens NY.

A Letter to Mama /A Brivele Der Mamen (1938) Poland, 106 minutes Joseph Green. Yiddish. Nat Ctr for Jewish Film., This film was released 2 weeks after the Nazi's invaded Poland. It is one of the last Yiddish talkies made in Poland. Lucy German stars as Dobrish Berdichevsky, a family matriarch. She tries to manage the fractured family after her husband and youngest son have gone to America prior to WWI. $50 from

Different From The Others, Germany 1919 

Life and Times of Harvey Milk 

The Golem (of Los Angeles). 25 min. video $30 from

Purple Grass (Israel) Dina Zvi Riklis (1997) 

The Postman w/ Kevin Costner is based on a 1985 softcore sci-fi novel of the same name by David Brin about a Jewish postman named Gordon Krantz who pines for a tolerant old American civilization (not like that of Nazi Europe), based on A Canticle for Leibowitz (1960) by Walter Miller  -- Revised: 4/1/96, 7/1/97, 10/29/97, 10/30/98
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